Anitta playlist feat. @anitta

Spotify Playlists Mar 04, 2023

We've created the best Anitta Spotify playlist that includes all the music recently featured in @anitta's Instagram Stories and Posts. Read more, or listen to the best Anitta (@anitta) playlist on Spotify.

What is in Anitta's Spotify playlist?

# Name Artist Album
1 Lobby Anitta Brand New Pop
2 Add It Up (Blah Blah) Bonkers Beat Club Bird Flex
3 Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - 2018 Remaster Kate Bush Hounds of Love (2018 Remaster)
4 Messiah / Pt. 2: No. 19, He Was Despised and Rejected Sven-David Sandström Sandström: Messiah
5 What A Diff'rence A Day Made Dinah Washington What A Diff'rence A Day Makes! (Expanded Edition)

The Queen of Brazilian Pop - Anitta (@anitta) by

Anitta is the stage name of Larissa de Macedo Machado, a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1993, Anitta began singing at a young age and was discovered on YouTube by music producer Renato Azevedo. She first rose to prominence in Brazil with her hit single 'Show das Poderosas' in 2013 and has since become one of the most successful pop singers in Brazil.

With a unique blend of funk carioca, reggaeton and pop music, Anitta has captivated audiences around the world with her catchy beats and sultry vocals. Her incredible talent has earned her numerous accolades including four Latin Grammy nominations and over 50 million followers on Instagram. She is also an advocate for animal rights and frequently promotes veganism on her social media channels. has curated the best songs from Anitta's extensive discography to create the ultimate Anitta playlist. Featuring hits like 'Lobby', 'Na Pepeka Sem Camisinha', 'Ylang Ylang', this playlist is sure to get you dancing along to the beat. Listen now to experience why Anitta is regarded as one of Brazil's brightest musical stars!

Get Ready to Dance with the Anitta (@anitta) Playlist by

Are you ready to get your groove on? Look no further than the Anitta (@anitta) playlist by! Bursting with energetic beats and sultry vocals, this playlist is the perfect soundtrack for any party or workout.

Every day, curates the best songs from Instagram Stories of Anitta (@anitta), so you can be sure that you're always getting the latest and greatest tunes. Whether you're a seasoned fan of Anitta or new to her music, this playlist has something for everyone.

To start listening right now, just click on the playlist above to open it in Spotify. And don't forget to hit that 'follow' button while you're there so that you never miss an update!

Get Ready to Explore New Artists with the Anitta (@anitta) Playlist by

The Anitta (@anitta) playlist by features a wide range of talented artists from all around the world. From Brazilian funk carioca to Colombian reggaeton, this playlist has it all.

Some of the featured music artists include Marília Mendonça, Pabllo Vittar, J Balvin, Justin Quiles, and many more. These talented artists bring their unique styles and sounds to each track, creating a dynamic listening experience that will keep you dancing all night long.

Whether you're a fan of Latin pop or hip hop, there's something for everyone in this playlist. Discover new artists and explore different genres with the Anitta (@anitta) playlist by

Dance the Night Away with the Best Mix of Genres in the Anitta (@anitta) Playlist by

The Anitta (@anitta) playlist by is a perfect mix of genres that will get you into any mood. Featuring funk carioca, pop, reggaeton, and many more, this playlist is suitable for any occasion.

Funk carioca is a genre that originated in Rio de Janeiro and is often associated with dance parties and carnivals. It has a distinct beat that will get you moving and dancing along to the rhythm. Pop music is a genre that's known for its catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms, making it perfect for a workout or party atmosphere. Reggaeton is another popular genre that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It's characterized by its Latin American rhythms and catchy beats, making it perfect for dancing or working out.

Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or get pumped up for a night out on the town, the Anitta (@anitta) playlist by has got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Start listening now!

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