CHROMEO playlist feat. @chromeo

Spotify Playlists Mar 06, 2023

We've created the best CHROMEO Spotify playlist that includes all the music recently featured in @chromeo's Instagram Stories and Posts. Read more, or listen to the best CHROMEO (@chromeo) playlist on Spotify.

What is in CHROMEO's Spotify playlist?

# Name Artist Album
1 Somethingood Chromeo White Women
2 Cybernetic Choices Cybernetic
3 Pay It No Mind Ric Wilson Pay It No Mind
4 More Bounce to the Ounce - Single Version Zapp 100 Greatest 80s

The Funky Duo Behind the Best CHROMEO Playlist on

Chromeo is a Canadian electro-funk duo formed in 2002 by David 'Dave 1' Macklovitch and Patrick 'P-Thugg' Gemayel. The duo's unique sound is a mix of modern funk, disco, synth-pop and R&B that's heavily influenced by the sounds of the '80s. Chromeo has become known for their catchy melodies, funky basslines, and clever lyrics that are both playful and nostalgic.

Since their debut album in 2004, Chromeo has released six studio albums, collaborated with numerous artists across various genres including Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Solange Knowles and more. They've also toured extensively around the world performing at major music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza.

With their latest album release in 2020 titled 'Quarantine Casanova', Chromeo continues to showcase their ability to produce catchy tunes that get people moving. Their music has been featured in numerous commercials, films and TV shows over the years.

Their Instagram account @chromeo provides an insight into their music making process as well as snippets from concerts. Follow them to stay updated on all things Chromeo related!

Listen to Only the Best CHROMEO Playlist on

If you're a fan of funky beats, groovy basslines and catchy tunes, then you need to check out the CHROMEO playlist curated by This playlist is packed with all your favourite Chromeo tracks as well as other artists that share the same funky vibe.

What's great about this playlist is that it's updated every day with new tracks discovered from Instagram Stories of CHROMEO (@chromeo). By listening to this playlist, you'll be able to discover new music and add fresh tunes to your Spotify library.

Whether you're at home or on-the-go, this playlist is perfect for any occasion. So why wait? Click on the link above and start listening to the best CHROMEO playlist by right now!

Discover the Best Music Artists Featured in the CHROMEO Playlist by

The CHROMEO playlist curated by features a wide range of music artists that share the same funky vibe. Chromeo's own tracks are included, as well as other artists that reflect their style of music.

Some of the music artists featured in this playlist include Venice Club, Irfane, Oliver, Braxe + Falcon, Ian Isiah and more. Each artist brings their own unique sound to the playlist, but all share a common love for funky beats and groovy basslines.

With genres ranging from filter house and nu-disco to hip-hop and alternative rock, this playlist is perfect for anyone looking to discover new music outside of their usual comfort zone. So why not give it a listen? You might just find your new favourite artist!

Get Your Groove On with the Best Music Genres Featured in the CHROMEO Playlist by

The CHROMEO playlist curated by features a diverse range of music genres that are sure to get you moving. From electronic and funk to disco and hip-hop, this playlist has it all.

Electronic music is perfect for those who love to dance or work out. With its constant beat and upbeat melodies, it's perfect for getting your heart rate up and keeping you motivated. Funk music is great for any occasion but is particularly good for social gatherings, parties or even just relaxing at home.

Disco music is perfect for anyone looking to relive the sounds of the '70s with its funky basslines, groovy melodies and catchy lyrics. Hip-hop music is ideal for those who love rap lyrics mixed with a funky beat. It's great for working out or just cruising around town in your car.

With such a diverse range of genres featured in this playlist, there's something here for everyone regardless of their musical preferences. So why not give it a listen? You might just discover your new favourite genre!

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