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Spotify Playlists Mar 05, 2023

We've created the best Dubfire Spotify playlist that includes all the music recently featured in @dubfire's Instagram Stories and Posts. Read more, or listen to the best Dubfire (@dubfire) playlist on Spotify.

What is in Dubfire's Spotify playlist?

# Name Artist Album
1 Don't Stop Sirus Hood Welcome To The Hood EP
2 Surgery Maceo Plex Surgery
3 The Granulator Rob Hes The Granulator
4 Imperfect - Original Mix Apollo Jr Nowhere
5 The Killing Moon Echo & the Bunnymen Ocean Rain

Discover the Grammy Award-winning DJ Dubfire (@dubfire) and his music taste

Dubfire ( @dubfire ) is a world-renowned DJ, producer, and artist who has won a Grammy Award for his work. He is also the co-founder of Deep Dish, a popular electronic music duo that was active from 1992 to 2006. Dubfire's music is characterized by its dark and moody techno sound that has earned him a legion of fans around the world.

As an artist, Dubfire ( @dubfire ) has played at some of the biggest festivals and events in the world, including Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, and Tomorrowland. His music taste is varied and eclectic, featuring genres such as techno, deep disco house, electronica, alternative rock, and more.

By curating this playlist based on Dubfire's Instagram Stories with you can get a unique insight into his musical tastes. The playlist features some of his favorite tracks from artists such as Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire to Miss Kittin & Solomun among others.

Listen to the Best Dubfire Spotify Playlist by and discover new music

If you're a fan of Dubfire (@dubfire) or just enjoy discovering new music, then you won't want to miss this curated playlist by This playlist is updated regularly and features some of the best tracks from artists that Dubfire follows on Instagram. By listening to this playlist, you will be able to explore different genres of electronic music and stay up to date with some of the latest trends in the industry.

What sets this playlist apart from others is that it's not just based on one artist's tastes, but rather a curation of music from various artists, events, festivals and venues that appear in Dubfire's Instagram Stories. This means that every song on this playlist has been carefully handpicked based on its quality and relevance to Dubfire's taste in music.

To start listening to this amazing Spotify playlist, simply click on the link above and it will open up in your Spotify app. You'll be able to hear a variety of different genres including techno, deep house, electronica among others while discovering new artists along the way.. So don't wait any longer - start exploring today!

Discover the music artists featured in Dubfire's (@dubfire) Spotify Playlist curated by

Dubfire (@dubfire) has a diverse taste in music that spans across multiple genres, and this playlist is no exception. The playlist features tracks from some of the biggest names in electronic music, including Oliver Huntemann, Solomun, Flug, Xander and many more.

Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire's collaboration on 'Diablo' is a standout track on the playlist. The song is a perfect example of what makes this playlist so great - it features a unique blend of techno and house music that will keep you dancing all night long. Other notable artists include Miss Kittin & Solomun who bring their signature style of melodic techno to the table.

This playlist isn't just limited to electronic music though. You'll also find tracks from rock bands like Echo & the Bunnymen, as well as pop and hip hop artists like Chus & Ceballos and Jamie Jones.

By curating this playlist based on Dubfire's Instagram Stories with you can get a unique insight into his musical tastes while discovering new artists along the way.

Discover the diverse range of music genres featured in Dubfire's (@dubfire) Spotify Playlist curated by

This playlist has something for everyone, with a wide variety of music genres that cater to different moods and activities. The playlist features electronic music genres such as techno, deep house, minimal techno, melodic techno, acid house and more. The driving beats of these genres are perfect for working out or getting pumped up before a night out.

But it's not just electronic music - the playlist also features tracks from alternative rock bands like Echo & the Bunnymen and pop artists like Chus & Ceballos. These genres are perfect for relaxing at home or during a road trip.

The playlist also features some great examples of fusion between multiple genres. For example, Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire's 'Diablo' is an exciting blend of techno and house music that will get you moving on the dance floor.

By curating this playlist based on Dubfire's Instagram Stories with you can discover new genres that you might not have explored before while enjoying your old favorites in new ways.

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