Guti playlist feat. @holaguti

Spotify Playlists Mar 04, 2023

We've created the best Guti Spotify playlist that includes all the music recently featured in @holaguti's Instagram Stories and Posts. Read more, or listen to the best Guti (@holaguti) playlist on Spotify.

What is in Guti's Spotify playlist?

# Name Artist Album
1 Caballero Guti 5 Years Desolat
2 An Evidence Of Time - Claude VonStroke Remix Rodriguez Jr. Baobab Remixes
3 Every Cow Has A Bird - Original Mix Guti Blue Marlin Ibiza (Deluxe Edition)
4 Red Eye - Kenny Larkin Black Eye Remix Guti Red Eye (The Kenny Larkin Mixes)
5 Slide Guti Higher / Slide

Discover the musical genius of Guti (@holaguti)

Get ready to be blown away by the music of Guti, the Argentinian-born DJ and producer who has been making waves in the music industry for years. With a style that's all his own, Guti has become known for his unique blend of minimal techno, deep house and electronica.

Guti's passion for music began at an early age, and he quickly developed a reputation as one of the most talented DJs in Argentina. Today, he is recognized around the world for his innovative sound and his ability to move crowds with his infectious beats.

With our new playlist, you can experience all of Guti's best tracks in one place. From his early hits to his latest releases, this playlist is a must-listen for anyone who loves electronic music. So what are you waiting for? Tune in now and discover why Guti is one of the most exciting artists in electronic music today.

Listen to the freshest tracks with Guti (@holaguti) by

If you're a fan of electronic music, you won't want to miss out on our Guti (@holaguti) playlist. We've curated the best tracks from this talented artist and put them all in one place for your listening pleasure. But that's not all - this playlist is updated regularly with the latest music that appears in the Instagram Stories of Guti (@holaguti), so you can be sure that you're always listening to the freshest tracks.

Whether you're working out at the gym, studying for exams or just need some background music while you work, this playlist has got you covered. With its infectious beats, driving basslines and ethereal melodies, it's sure to get your heart pumping and your feet moving.

So why wait? Click on the playlist above to open it in Spotify and start listening right away. You won't be disappointed!

Discover the diverse range of artists featured in Guti (@holaguti) by

If you're a fan of electronic music, you'll love our Guti (@holaguti) playlist. Featuring a diverse range of artists from around the world, this playlist is a must-listen for anyone who loves the genre.

Some of the top artists featured in this playlist include KÁRYYN, Mobb Deep and Cajmere. KÁRYYN is an American-Syrian artist known for her ethereal vocals and experimental soundscapes. Mobb Deep is a legendary hip hop duo from Queensbridge, New York, known for their gritty lyrics and hard-hitting beats. Cajmere, on the other hand, is a Chicago-based producer who has been at the forefront of the house music scene for over two decades.

Other notable artists featured in this playlist include Rodriguez Jr., Chile (MX), Ivan Gafer and Steve Aguirre. With such a diverse range of talent on display, there's something for everyone in this playlist.

So why wait? Click on the playlist above to open it in Spotify and start listening to some of the best electronic music around!

Experience a diverse range of music genres with Guti (@holaguti) by

Our Guti (@holaguti) playlist is a veritable feast of different music genres, all carefully curated to provide the perfect soundtrack for any occasion. From deep house and tech house to electronica and hip hop, there's something for everyone in this playlist.

If you're looking for something to get your heart pumping, check out the techno and electro house tracks on this playlist. With their driving basslines and infectious beats, they're perfect for working out at the gym or going for a run.

If you're in need of some relaxation, try listening to the ambient and downtempo tracks on this playlist. These dreamy soundscapes are perfect for winding down after a long day or practicing mindfulness meditation.

For those who love to dance, there are plenty of funk, disco and soulful house tracks that will get your feet moving. And if you're in the mood for something more introspective, check out the jazz trio tracks on this playlist - they're perfect for reading or studying.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the playlist above to open it in Spotify and start exploring all the different genres featured in this amazing collection of music!

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