Local Knowledge playlist feat. @local_.knowledge

Spotify Playlists Feb 25, 2023

We've created the best Local Knowledge Spotify playlist that includes all the music recently featured in @local_.knowledge's Instagram Stories and Posts. Read more, or listen to the best Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) playlist on Spotify.

What is in Local Knowledge's Spotify playlist?

# Name Artist Album
1 Lava Lamps - UZEF Remix Cody Nu Skool Lava Lamps
2 King in My Empire Rhythm & Sound With the Artists
3 End Point Cosmic G RE:DREAM
4 Dozen Sunbeams Purelink Purelink
5 In The Pines K-Lone Cape Cira

Discover Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) - London's Favourite Music Curator

Local Knowledge ( @local_.knowledge ) is a music curator based in London, United Kingdom. They are known for their exceptional taste in music and their ability to curate the best Spotify playlists that are perfect for any occasion. Their Instagram account is filled with a variety of music genres ranging from cowboy western to experimental techno, all carefully selected to create unique and exciting playlists.

Their followers love them for their ability to discover new and upcoming artists, as well as their deep knowledge of classic rock and soft rock. Their playlist curation is always on point, ensuring that listeners will never miss out on the latest trends in music.

Local Knowledge ( @local_.knowledge ) has become a go-to source for anyone looking for the best Spotify playlists, whether you're throwing a house party or simply looking for some new tunes to add to your recently played feed. With their finger on the pulse of the latest musical trends, you can trust Local Knowledge ( @local_.knowledge ) to deliver the goods every time.

Experience the best Local Knowledge playlist by today! Our social curation algorithm has analysed this account's Instagram stories to bring you this playlist featuring songs from multiple artists, giving you an extension of the musical tastes of each artist or venue. Listen now and discover your new favourite tracks!

Discover London's Hidden Music Gems with Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) Playlist by

If you're looking for the latest and greatest music from London's underground music scene, then look no further than Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) playlist by This playlist is the perfect way to discover new and exciting artists that you may not have heard of before, all curated by one of London's most trusted music curators.

Our social curation algorithm analyses the Instagram stories of Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) and selects only the best songs to create a playlist that is both diverse and exciting. This means that you'll always be up-to-date with the latest sounds from London's underground music scene.

With so many amazing tracks on this playlist, it's hard to pick just one standout. However, we highly recommend checking out 'Butterfly Jam' by Purelink or 'In The Pines' by K-Lone. These are just two examples of the amazing tracks that you can find on this playlist.

To start listening to Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) playlist by today, simply click on the link above and open it in Spotify. The playlist is updated regularly so make sure to follow it and never miss a beat!

Discover the Diverse Range of Music Artists Featured in Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) Playlist by

Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) playlist by is a true testament to the diversity of London's music scene. This playlist features an incredible range of music artists, from established names like Rod Stewart and Rhythm & Sound to up-and-coming artists like Reptant and Abdullah Miniawy.

One thing that all of these artists have in common is their incredible talent for creating amazing music. Whether you're into classic rock or deep dubstep, there's something for everyone on this playlist. You'll find a range of genres represented, from cowboy western to arap electronic, experimental jazz to jungle and drumfunk!

Some standout tracks on this playlist include 'Lava Lamps - UZEF Remix' by Cody Nu Skool, Tony H and UZEF, 'Butterfly Jam' by Purelink and 'In The Pines' by K-Lone.

The Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) playlist is perfect for anyone looking for a diverse range of music that truly reflects the vibrant and exciting music scene in London. So why not give it a listen today? Simply click on the link above to open it in Spotify and start discovering your new favourite tracks!

Experience a Variety of Music Genres with Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) Playlist by

Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) playlist by is an incredible showcase of the diverse range of music genres that can be found in London. From cowboy western to dub techno, this playlist has something for everyone.

Each genre has its own unique qualities that make it perfect for different moods and activities. For example, the deep dubstep and jungle tracks on this playlist are perfect for getting you pumped up at the gym or during a morning run. On the other hand, the soft rock and mellow gold tracks are ideal for unwinding after a long day at work.

If you're in the mood for something experimental, then you'll love the deconstructed club and experimental techno tracks on this playlist. These genres are great for exploring new sounds and pushing musical boundaries.

Whatever your mood or activity, Local Knowledge (@local_.knowledge) playlist by has got you covered. So why not give it a listen today? You might just discover your new favourite genre!

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