London Contemporary Voices playlist feat. @lcvchoir

Spotify Playlists Feb 25, 2023

We've created the best London Contemporary Voices Spotify playlist that includes all the music recently featured in @lcvchoir's Instagram Stories and Posts. Read more, or listen to the best London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir) playlist on Spotify.

What is in London Contemporary Voices's Spotify playlist?

# Name Artist Album
1 Feeling Myself (Lullaby Version) Wolf Alice Feeling Myself (Lullaby Version)
2 Glacier John Grant Pale Green Ghosts
3 Lipstick on the Glass (Lullaby Version) Wolf Alice Blue Lullaby

London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir): The Award-Winning Choir That Has Collaborated with 20 Grammy Winners and Nominees

London Contemporary Voices ( @lcvchoir ) is a choir group that has been providing exceptional vocal performances for over a decade. They have worked with popular music artists such as ABBA, Elbow, Wolf Alice, Sam Smith, U2, Alt-J and more. Their performances are always memorable and captivating, earning them a reputation as one of the best contemporary choirs in the UK.

Their passion for music is evident in every performance they give. Each member of the choir brings their unique style to create a harmonious blend that's hard to match. With their extensive experience in working with Grammy winners and nominees, London Contemporary Voices ( @lcvchoir ) has gained an appreciation for diverse musical genres that's reflected in their repertoire.

With's playlist featuring London Contemporary Voices ( @lcvchoir ), you can now enjoy the best of this award-winning choir at your convenience. The playlist features some of their most popular songs, including 'Feeling Myself (Lullaby Version)' by Wolf Alice and 'Glacier' by John Grant.

If you're looking for the perfect mix of modern rock, indie rock, indie pop, chamber psych and modern alternative rock music genres all in one place then look no further than's curated playlist featuring London Contemporary Voices ( @lcvchoir ). Make sure you listen to this playlist today to experience some of the best contemporary music out there!

Experience the Magic of London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir) with's Curated Playlist brings you the best Spotify playlists that are curated based on the music shared by artists, influencers, festivals, events and venues on Instagram Stories. Their latest playlist features London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir), one of the best choirs in the UK that has collaborated with 20 Grammy winners and nominees.

Listening to this playlist is a great way to experience the magic of London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir). With's playlist, it's easy to get lost in their beautiful harmonies and soulful melodies. Perfect for any mood or occasion, this playlist is designed to help you discover new music that you'll love.

The best part? This playlist is updated regularly with new songs from London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir). So every time you listen, you're guaranteed to hear something fresh and exciting. You can access this playlist right away by simply clicking on it above to open it in Spotify.

Don't miss out on experiencing some of the best contemporary music out there. Listen to London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir) now with!

Discover the Best of Contemporary Music with London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir) Playlist Featuring Wolf Alice and John Grant

Music lovers are in for a treat with's playlist featuring London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir). This playlist features some of the best contemporary music artists, including Wolf Alice and John Grant, both of whom have collaborated with London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir).

Wolf Alice is an indie rock band from North London that has won numerous awards and critical acclaim for their unique sound. Their single 'Feeling Myself (Lullaby Version)' is one of the most popular songs on this playlist. John Grant is another artist featured in this playlist who has worked with London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir). His song 'Glacier' is a hauntingly beautiful track that showcases his soulful voice.

With this playlist, you can enjoy a diverse range of modern rock, indie rock, indie pop, chamber psych and modern alternative rock music genres all in one place. This makes it perfect for anyone looking to discover new music or just enjoy some great tunes.

London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir) has collaborated with many Grammy winners and nominees over the years, which means that their repertoire is vast and varied. By listening to this playlist, you get a taste of their unique style while also discovering new artists that you may not have heard before.

Immerse Yourself in the Best of Contemporary Music Genres with London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir) Playlist

There's something for everyone on's playlist featuring London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir), which features a variety of contemporary music genres. This playlist includes modern rock, indie rock, indie pop, chamber psych and modern alternative rock music genres that are perfect for any mood or activity.

Modern rock and indie rock are great options if you're looking for music that's upbeat and energising. These genres feature guitar-heavy tracks with catchy hooks that will get you moving. Indie pop is another great option for when you want something that's light and fun. With its catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms, it's perfect for lifting your spirits.

If you're in the mood for something more introspective, chamber psych is a great choice. This genre features songs that are more mellow and contemplative, with hauntingly beautiful melodies. Modern alternative rock is another genre featured in this playlist which is perfect if you want to listen to something edgier and more experimental.

No matter what genre you prefer,'s playlist featuring London Contemporary Voices (@lcvchoir) has got you covered. Whether you're working out at the gym or relaxing at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon, there's a song on this playlist that will make your day better.

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