The Best Music Festival Playlists To Listen To Right Now

If you are a die-hard music fan, you must know the power of live concerts, gigs, and festivals. They transport us to somewhere more beautiful via rhythms, lyrics, and melodies. However, listening habits have changed today and people are turning to the best Spotify music festival playlists rather than to radio stations to satiate their desire for good music.  

If you have grown tired of trusting Spotify’s Release Radar and want to find your new favourite songs then turning to an expert-curated playlist will put an end to your endless search for good music. Below we have broken down our top Spotify music festival playlists for 2022. Whether you are into Hip Hop, Pop music, Latin, Rock, or have a diverse taste in music, our music festival playlist will promise you a great time.  

Festival Playlist 1 – BAUM Festival

BAUM Festival has turned Bogota into the world capital of electronic music – it’s even featured as one of Resident Advisor’s Top Music Festivals . With impressive lineups featured for two unprecedented days, you would barely want to miss out on what the music festival has to offer. The magicians at have curated a playlist featuring the music head in the Stories and Posts of BAUM Festival’s official Instagram account

If you need a little help in getting your energy levels up, then this playlist will work magic. Check the list to find your next favourite song!   

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Festival Playlist 2 – TECATE EMBLEMA

This latest addition to the family of festival playlists makes you feel alive and powerful. No matter what your favourite genre of music is, this curated playlist of songs from Tecate Emblema by our team at is the best way to treat your senses to great music. As one of our top Mexico playlists , it features songs from artists like Gwen Stefani, Kenia OS, and Fuego which makes it the best place to discover some incredible music.

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Festival Playlist 3 – Forbidden Kingdom

Embark on an immersive journey into music with the best playlist for Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival by our music connoisseurs. This curated playlist is simply unparalleled if you are looking for incredible music from top bass and dubstep artists. You will love discovering some fresh finds in this Spotify playlist by top basic music stars.

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Festival Playlist 4 – Rolling Loud

Looking for some new and popular music from the official  Instagram handle of Rolling Loud , one of the largest hip-hop festivals in the world? As the name suggests, this curation is worth sinking and grooving to some incredible music. Want to hear the best in the world of hip hop songs from Kendrick Lamar to AJ Tracey, then this playlist will surely introduce you to some incredible artists.

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Festival Playlist 5 – EXIT Festival

Held at various locations in Europe, EXIT Festival is an award-winning summer music festival. It features over 1000 artists who play at over 40 stages and festival zones. Our new EXIT festival playlist has been gaining momentum as it stays true to featuring good music from talented artists. Featuring tracks by Lifted Revelation, Boris Brejcha, and Konstrakta, you will fall in love with this Spotify festival playlist and would want to listen to it constantly.   

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